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Quote-"It is going to depend upon the public to get the fuel cell in the country," he said. "It has been people, not companies or governments that have gotten the fuel cell this far along. If enough people want this, they will get it into the country. People are just tired of being ripped off."the late Stanley Meyer -End quote.


Stanley Meyer’s hydrogen on demand technology has been suppressed due to the murder of the inventor and due to the inventor's business incompetence. Further detail can be found on the how they went wrong article. 


Meyer's first prototype used a hydrogen on demand system.This process used the "voltage dissociation" of water powered by the on board battery and replenished by the alternator.This method was able to "fracture" the water and produce enough Oxyhydrogen gas to run the buggy. 


This gas is commonly attributed to Dr Yull Brown as "Browns Gas". However the discovery of this Oxyhydrogen gas was first patented by William A. Rhodes U.S. Patent 3,262,872 issued 26 July 1966, titled, "Apparatus For The Electrolytic Production Of Hydrogen And Oxygen And For The Safe Consumption Thereof.".


Stan's 100% water powered Buggy originally appearing on a News channel

After the hydrogen on demand electrolyzer system Meyers then created another more compact design. Both systems were patented. This second system can be described as a water spliting device which used "thermo explosive energy".This was also able to power a car 100% on water.


Stanley Meyers 100% Water fuel injection system which appeared on a TV news channel


Resonant water fracturing and water splitting is not conventional electrolysis.This hydrogen on demand technology is not a new system,in fact some of the first ground work was layed by inventor Andrija Puharich as far back as the 70's. Also 100% water ignition systems have not only been suppressed in Meyers case, but also in Herman P. Anderson's case.


Herman's special patented sparkplugs,

similar to Stan Meyer's plugs.


There are only 2 known modern researchers of this technology today which have reported that there version of this technology has the capacity to run the car on 100% water, Paul Zigouras and Bob Boyce.Despite this Meyer's technology is now being resurrected by open source engineers.These engineers today have still encountered their fare share of intimidation!. 


The proposed granted Panacea research and development center can prevent this situation from happening by being openly operating in the public eye. Mean time please subscribe to our newsletter so we can put a public watch on the technology and prevent its suppression.


Dave Lawton is an open sourced engineer and has co-operated to publish instructions on the worlds first open sourced replication of the Meyers water fuel technology. Dave's results are close ot the original efficiencies, can still do benefit NOW and can be improved upon.


Shots of the Meyers hydrogen water fuel cell

replication done by Dave taken from the video.


With out going into too much technical detail of how the water fuel cell functions, this technology is much like Xogen's technology, being NON conventional electrolysis.


A close up of the hydrogen production created from

 a process not possible via conventional theory.


Open sourced energy contributions can thrive in the proposed granted Panacea research and development center, which will help with security, manufacture and faculty dissemination of this method. Plus help raise research and development revenue to perfect this technology.


Recently the non profit organisation did a video presentation of the water fuel cell issue.The following video has back round information on the technology and presents Panacea's solution to the suppression.




Futher educational back round on the subject can be found in the following video:


 Water Disassociation with Zero-Point Energy

Stanley Meyer Videos


Ravi Raju is another registered engineer with Panacea and has recently had his first success with his replication based on the original Panacea university plans.

Ravi's Meyers/Lawton Replication 


The above scene is taken from the video. 

On the video after the top is sealed the gas is generated with an input of 0.5 Amps from the Frequency Generator. Ravi reports pretty impressive outputs. Ravi also theorizes that this system can be improved if he increases the number of pipes and double their lengths. Ravi like Dave is an open sourced engineer.


Quote-I've received a mail asking me to market the system I would want to close this topic once and for all.So im posting the reply to the mail.Im free sourcing what i've done all the circuits needed and the hardware that I used including the dimensions at this thread and this thread.


Trust me you wouldnt be allowed to market this unit the world economy runs on fuel and energy taxation you cant put something into the market that is going to alter everything the way we know it. It takes time for everything to evolve. This is the future but if you can make it. Make it for yourselfI've already been raided once for trying to experiment with this technology and free sourcing is the only way out for this kind of technology.


I am already collaborating with Panacea-Bocaf to release some ideas where in this system can be used to augment non-conventional fuels (which have very low calorific values) in the power generation sector. This idea would basically curtail immediate job losses and would give time for the economies to evolve to the next generation fuels but eventually it would seep down to the grass roots level in a few decades. I'm posting this mail on the thread so that everyone gets to know that I dont expect any commercial returns from this system.-End quote.


Note! to those wishing to submitt this info to the patent office this has already been open sourced. This process is already open sourced and not patentable, even if you use another name instead of 'conditioning' for the same process like 'tube or pipe passivation / preparation / dielectric buildup.


More are under way, these results are being profiled on the open sourced peswiki pageIt has recently been reported that the Meyer water fuel cell replicaiton done by Dave Lawton produces cold current electricity. 


Photo courtesy of Dave.

This could be the same energy transformation medium first disclosed in the EVGray energy system. This can lead to Free power systems. Public benefit will result from submitting this technology into a faculty division.


Panacea will display this proof of principle towards the sole intension of upgrading the current conventional water electrolysis theories towards cleaner FREE ENERGY production. The Panacea facility will create social reform by providing a public land mark which will operate in the public eye.This will allow for public access and security of this and other technologies mentioned in the R and D principles page.  


Panacea's granted facilities can also help establish manufacturing assistance towards the production of the water fuel technology. These social reformed conditions in Panacea's proposed granted center allow for quicker public dissemination of the technology.Any profit from Panacea's role in this route must as stated by law go back into a charitable institution. 


Today this method is not taught in any mainstream faculty. It is not as easy to approach them with it.Recently the non profit organization approached a local university in Queensland Australia. The non profit organization's goal was not to benefit financially from this method, but to advanced education and upgrade their faculty electrolysis theories. This was stated in an e-mail and on the phone. 


We sent these details and video of the construction, and offered to bring in our prototype for independent verification. This was the answer we got!


Mr Gary Heyden for comment. Having reviewed the details of your enquiry, Mr Heyden wishes to offer you the following response:"In an enclosed system the energy required to create water from hydrogen and oxygen is exactly the same as that to split water into its components (oxygen and water). The nett result is ΔG = 0. This has been known since 1873 and is well established in the Laws of Physics. It can be reviewed at LINK which quite well describes the electrolysis of water and its recombination in fuel cells. Hence it would be a waste of time for the University getting involved.


Where the client may be getting efficiency (if at all), is in the electrolysis equipment as losses occur in the process, hence an audit of the efficiency of the equipment is probably all that is needed. However it would appear that this has already been done in both India and London.Consequently I can’t see any role in this for UniQuest or the University and hope the client is successful in the market with the device."Although we are not able to assist you on this occasion, UniQuest thanks you for your interest and enquiry.



Jeff Cheadle 

Business Development Manager

Consulting and Research

UniQuest Pty Limited

T: (61-7) 3365 7988

F: (61-7) 3365 7115

E: -End


We repliedSince we have new scientific results which can up grade the universities power management curricula, can you please advise who we

can show this efficiency too and prove that the electrolysis theories are out of date and we have a new method of hydrogen production with efficiencies better then any method in the books or one the market today.


Plus can show this in the lab, not for profit but for advancement of education. We are wishing to put all this on record [a proficiency report] as we have new scientific research which can benefit the engineering faculties and wish to show this method so it can be

utilized, we wish no commercial success as we are a non profit organization wishing to advance education and help the environment.


As stated in the original mail, we at the very least want to show this efficiency so your academics can observe NEW SCIENTIFIC RESULTS.If your division is not suited to accept and observe these results whom can we meet with to present these findings?.-End




This demonstration is needed to upgrade ALL universities power management electrolysis theories. This response indirectly aids suppression. Despite the non profit organization offering their faculty the prototype to test independently for their own confirmation. They showned no interest and  dis regarded the method. They stated its of no use commercially, and therefore their faculty does not need to know about it!!!


This example is another justification for the proposed granted PUBLIC non profit Panacea research and development center.The non profit organization, will be bringing its replication into another university for third party testing. However for the purpose of the record, Panacea has responded to the above e-mail with the following useful information.


In regards to the university's comments, stating that the Faraday supposed maximum has been proven to be incorrect, electrolyzers built by Bob Boyce have been reported to achieve 216% Faraday on straight DC, and the Shigeta Hasebe DC electrolysis patent US 4,105,528 of 1978.


This shows records of 1,000% the Faraday supposed maximum.Further,the Faraday maximum quoted in the university correspondence relates to DC electrolysis, while the system to be demonstrated is not DC electrolysis but is pulsed DC water-splitting which is a completely separate system that draws additional energy from the surrounding environment.


 When pulsed in a similar way, the Bob Boyce electrolyzer operates as a water-splitter and has measured efficiencies in the 1,000% Faraday range.

So while it is understandable that the two entirely separate systems have been confused on this occasion, it is necessary to point out that there is no direct connection between the two, and that due to the intake of additional environmental energy, the Law of Conservation of Energy is not broken.


Further Paul Zigouras recently demonstrated a marine engine made by his company Zigouras Racing, operating with 200 HP of excess energy, run solely on the gases produced by splitting water with power produced by the engine electrics. This would not be possible with Faraday DC electrolysis, but has been demonstrated to be perfectly possible with water-splitting using high-quality pulsed signals.


The information to date is:


1. The unit takes water in at one end and hydroxy gas exits the entire open end of the cell at the far end.  No water makes it as far as the exit.


2. The small unit has 20 to 30 plates 2-inches high, 8 inches long, the larger unit has 36 plates 3-inches high, 10 inches long.


3. The plates are 1/16 inch thick 316-grade or 318-grade stainless steel sandblasted with 60 grit alum oxide and spaced 0.025 inches apart (0.635 mm).


4. The voltage applied to the cell with the engine running is 13.8 volts.


5. The electrical unit generates an output signal which is a very pure "perfect" square wave


6. The current is 190 amps for 5 gallons dissociated per minute


7. The oscillator frequency is 40 kHz


8. Paul says: "Two or three output transistors just will not hack it, you have to think big".


9. The COP of the cell is between 5 and 10


10. He uses a standard MSD 200-amp high performance alternator to supply the current via the battery.


This is actualy not how Meyer did it as his electronics found and auto-locked on to the resonant point of the cell and subsequently tracked it.Paul's design is a long way from being perfect as most of the power does not produce hydroxy gas and the consequential loss of vast amounts of water makes it somewhat impractical except for stationary generators beside an unlimited source of water.


His unit with a less aggressive output drive, but can show a proof of principle.


Does the world really have justification to state that they know all there is to know about water?

-Recent X-ray Spectroscopy studies have revealed that modern theories of the structure of liquid water are incorrect. -Source


Further recently the Tom Beardon web site profiled water for gas and explains it from a physicist perspective. Abstract:The correspondence section of The Tom Bearden Website has been 

updated with some new emails, including several relating to how water can be burnt to produce Watergas.In this way, one can power an automobile from watergas alone, or augment the use of normal gasoline with simultaneous combined use of  watergas.


Recently Stan Meyer's original dune buggy has been discovered, the owner is now selling this unit.The package is alleged to include technical materials,  his fuel cell, heat resonator system, technical papers and laboratory materials. A person acting as a "middle man" has convinced the owner to sell it, problem is big oil can get it, or the under funded open source engineers. Who do youn think is going to?


This is evidence in an alleged  murder case, plus the high price listed is not realistic, this NEEDS to be donated to open source engineers to enable them to PUBLICLY disclose, study and advance education.


Currently the Orion project is attempting a public finding drive in order to secure the technology. The high target is un necessarily taking away funds which could be used to perfect and understand the technology.


Modern researchers of this water fuel research include Ruggero SantilliKanarev and Bob Boyce. All have not been able to get their technology recognized or to the public.


The Meyers technology will be studied and submitted into the centre for public security and access.

Click here to access Panacea's online university which details the open sourced Meyers replication plans.The direct link to the plans is listed under "over unity research papers" and entitled Ravi's water fuel cell replication paper.


Panacea will be adding a validated replication document to our university site soon please check back for updates, or sign up in our newsletter.


Note please visit the energy suppression page if you are attempting to reproduce these plans to understand how to avoid and contain any interferance.


Techcial support for do it your self construciton:



Hydroxy group 

Water car group 

Radiant Energy

WaterFuel Cell Research Group

Water Fuel cell


Panacea's trusted and endorsed sites selling Ravi and Dave kits plus completed cells.


The Hydrogen Shop

(Australian based but ships internationally) 



(Uk based but ships internationally)

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